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Guest Tattoo Artists this October!

We're super hyped to announce that the epic talents of Keri Vacant, Anna Scott, and Justin Finch will be gracing us this October in K-Ink.

Keri will be bringing her brand of scratchy black line to us, and we encourage you to book in with her directly. She's normally based at the Stockport tattoo studio Stone Heart Tattoo, so let's make sure we give her a warm London welcome. Well, Londoners are notoriously cold and disinterested, so show her a warm London welcome by booking in for some sick art and sitting for it like a fucking champ. Same same.

If you haven't heard of Anna Scott, aka Stay Rotten Tattooer, then go check out the links we've helpfully put in this blog and then come back here. (Sick, right?) She describes her work as vibrant compositions, and other worldly takes on feminine beauty. We'd describe it as Japanese woodblock inspired surreal portraiture in the best possible way. Book in now or regret it!

Justin may or may not be a bastard and we love him regardless. It's rare to get him doing a full guest spot here, as he's snuck in and out again before for some special appointments here before. If you're craving some ignorant style, raw and authentic black work, he's your man!

You should book in with these fine folks directly, but if you're unsure of who to go for, pop us a message and lets chat!

Another blog, another excuse to rinse some stock footage. Photo by Lucas Lenzi on Unsplash

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